For Sale, a +/- 30 year old Birch (Betula Pendula).
Has been repotted this year in a pond basket. Has not been pruned this year, in order to thicken some new branches and let the tree gain vigour. Two or three more years ahead to get thicker and more branch structure. Has got a good future as a weeping style birch in (semi)cascade and crescent pot. A small second trunk in development (see low branch low left). Has a very broad trunk/root base (about 20cm) almost like a clump (carving fun?). A lava rock has been bound underneath the rootball, for more accent in future crescent pot (or you can just get rid of it again offcourse). I part with this one because I have other/more projects and allready have 2 birches.

Good about this tree: interesting deadwood feature to further refine / good potential as (semi)cascade in two-trunk weeping style.

Asking price: 150 EUR (open to discuss your 'best' offer).

NO shipment

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