woensdag 16 augustus 2017

40 years Flemish Bonsai Association (VBV) - local happening

Local happening of the club 'De Leie', part of the Flemish Bonsai Association, because of the 40th anniversary this year. Focus is on introducing the visitors in the hobby and also showing the several stages of bonsai, the work behind the bonsai, the road behind the 'finished bonsai'. With small demo's (maintenance, wiring, perhaps some carving, etc..)

I'll be there too, with several prebonsai, raw material, almost-bonsai, at one of the tents alongside the bonsai-tour (approx 2km in total).

Where? => city of Deinze, in the province of East-Flanders (Oost-Vlaanderen), Belgium
When? => 27th August 2017. From 10hr am to 17hr pm

maandag 17 juli 2017

Fluttering Elm or European White Elm seedlings

Yes, I also start trees up from seedlings...
This species, ulmus laevis, has become (very) rare in Flanders, and many parts of Europe because they depend on 'dynamic' river systems, where they grow in hardwood-riverwoods. The 'dynamics' of most of our rivers have been altered.
Real, genetically-endemic, trees are rare to find, in Flanders maybe 10 'hotspots' acknowledged.

So, these seedlings were harvested as seed from the trees, in the Walloon-part of Belgium.
I got 12 of them from a friend/collegue and just put them gently in a separte little pot.
I'll probably use one or several for a future root-over-rock project (another one..), the rest I'll see.

Hawthorn (crataegus monogyna) update july 2017

First picture I share since it was repotted and airlayered in early spring this year.
Airlayer has not yet produced sufficient roots. We'll check in late autumn or early spring next year.
Has had its first pruning this year, a week ago, still ok.

dinsdag 4 juli 2017

Two 'natural' stones

Stones, I like it simple and natural. No itoigawa here...I hate them actually.

These two smaller ones are the typical rocks you would find in parts of Belgium. Natural, and that does it for me. I'm happy if I can just find a workable combination for a future bonsai root-over-rock purpose. Perhaps a native Elm species (Ulmus Laevis or U.Glabra), or a Field Maple (acer Campestre). These species produce many and strong roots, and certainly the acer roots would fuse too. The only sure thing about such a project is that it would be another long-term project. Nice.

In the last picture you get an idea of size.

maandag 3 juli 2017

pinus mugo

Very small size.
Pinus Mugo, start way back in 1997 from a very small nursery plant. It has always been kept in pot, hence the thin trunk. I just honour one of my first bonsai attempts, no big plans.

vrijdag 30 juni 2017

Two little Rowan trees

First two pictures are from mid May 2017. Third one from today

Both developing, the one with the thinner trunk is the 'oldest' (from seedling 1997, always in pot)

pruned 1 1/2 weeks ago, many new shoots popping up from the sleeping buds

Ligustrum Ovalifolium

Privet, ligustrum ovalifolium.
Has been pruned by now (no picture) to get a good start for the summer.

Second year in pot, but first year I put two separate little groups together. From recuperated hedge plant in my own garden.

Smaller sized group, but will still be nice in the long run.

Silverbirch's first bonsai exam

A 4inch seedling in 2008, harvested from between the pavement tiles at our front door, to the bonsai it almost is, in June 2017. It had its first ever bonsai 'exam' at the club meeting on 17 June 2017.
It got a lot of + and ++. Some things need proper attention (inclination, further maturing the top, and offcourse a proper pot...which is in the making, by my previous teacher ceramics).

Unfortunately I do not have a good picture from the club meeting of 17 june, so this is a picture of the tree in early april.

Malus in flower

This was a picture from april this year I did not post earlier.
After bloom, the flowers were removerd. The tree is still prebonsai, with years of building up and thickening branches ahead

donderdag 29 juni 2017

Alder updates june 2017

In the common Alder series... a few pictures from May and June. Most have been pruned by now.
Don't mind leaf size, the trees are obviously all prebonsai, still several years work ahead in building them up. All Alnus Glutinosa.

Common Hazel - update June 29, 2017

Freshly cut, ready for summer.
Still many years of building up ahead.

European Hornbeam - update 29 june 2017

Another update, from today June 29th 2017.
European Hornbeam. It says 'give me another 5 years, then I'll be 30yo'.
Step by step, executing the 'veteren tree bonsai' look for this tree.
Harvested from a hedge, in 2012.

A few pictures of old, gnarly, veteren (european) hornbeam trees. Hornbeams were frequently planted (and pollarded) at the edges of meadows or farmland as indicator, alongside hollow roads, forest edges, and offcourse in rural hedges where pruning was not always frequent and where some ended up looking like old pollarded trees.

donderdag 4 mei 2017

Hornbeam - update may 4th 2017

Just an update, a picture
After some late frost a good week ago, it has restarted its spring.

Somewhere end of May I'll check for pruning and wiring.

Downy Birch - prebonsai²

most likely Downy Birch (betula pubescens), or a natural hybrid between Silver Birch (betula pendula) and Downy Birch.

Harvested in from between the tiles alongside the border of a pavement and a building plot, in 2012.
It did not really recover good in the next 2 years, but suddenly it regained vigour. Second year in trainingpot now.

I've cut a top brach (sacrifice branch) and bent the remaining bracht into a new top last week.
Two days ago I carved the old trunk chop cut a bit. Just roughly, and then I put some perforated microwave plastic around the wound, to prevent it from drying out too fast. It will stay on 1 or 2 months, this will also help faster callousing.

Obviously, this is a prebonsai² (pre pre bonsai)

vrijdag 21 april 2017

always more projects

More and more and more 'real homegrown'... always.
For future happy times :)

Horse Chestnut (Aesculus Hippocastaneum), from chestnut in 2011/2012
Bird Cherry (Prunus Padus), from juvenile material used for forestry purposes
Sycamore on rock (Acer Pseudoplatanus), from seedling
Sweet/Wild Cherry (Prunus Avium), from seedling

Another pre-Alder-bonsai

Another prebonsai common Alder, alnus glutinosa.

I waited for 'spring break' to see what new growth would appear where...
then last weekend I cleaned it out, so it can now properly start spring again.
Some gentle pushes, by using guy wires

Bijschrift toevoegen

Prunus Subhirtella - update april 2017

First checkup and delicate wiring of young shoots.
From this year on, I hope to begin building the canopy a bit more.
In this small size, I sometimes prefer (depending on species) to guide the branchlets allreaydy at an early stage. Makes a difference in later ramification of the branch.

woensdag 15 maart 2017

Common Alder - branch bending

The recentely repotted Common Alder (alnus glutinosa) had two branches corrected today. Two bigger branches that could not really be bend with wire any more. I cut them to about half the branch width and then bent them. One I bent by forcing a wooden pen (recuperated branch from pruned plum) between two branches up to the point it closed the cut as good as possible. The other with thick wire on top secured with flexible tree binding rope and a guy wire.

zondag 12 maart 2017

Silver Birch ready for spring

No repotting, just a quick cleanup in these last weeks of winter. Mainly removing algi and moss from trunk and branches and remove about 1/2 cm of the substrate to tidy up the main roots, it looks better.
When the top has matured a bit more, it will get a 'nice' handmade pot.