maandag 20 november 2017

Moving 4 bonsai project trees

Still young, but here are a few bonsai project trees I am growing in my garden for future fun.
bonsai young potentials !

All native, all started from seed, seedling or very very young material.

Prunus padus, or european Bird Cherry
Prunus avium, or european Wild Cherry or Sweet Cherry.
Aesculus Hippocastanum, or Horse Chestnut
Prunus domestica (insititia), or European Wild Plum

Now I've dug out a hedge along one side of my garden (replacing it with Hedera) I got room for other things. Just what I need, extra space ;-).

Power tool for carving

Today someone asked me if I learned to carve in a bonsai club?
I said 'no'.

I also said I first researched which (big) power tools were frequently used for bonsai carving. The weight, the wattage, varying speed, length and diameter of the shaft, price...

I ultimately found a carving tool that was almost twice as strong and at the same time twice as cheap.
1200Watts, varying speed, and 149 EURO.

Result was that a bonsai-friend was interested and got the same machine. Because he follows classes with Danny Use (the 'famous' bonsai center ginkgo in Belgium), it also drew Danny's attention so now he got one too and is impressed with the qualities of this power tool.

Isn't that nice, how an amateur can bring new stuff into the scene.

No, I don't get any royalties for posting this :)

vrijdag 3 november 2017

Rocks and stones

A few stones I collected this week whilst on holiday in the Walloon part of Belgium.
For future root-over-rock purposes with native trees.

zondag 29 oktober 2017

Malus - crab apple - fall 2017

Crab Apple; Malus.

Today versus a few years ago.
I like the progression so far.
It is still years away from a proper pot.

Larix Kaempferi fall 2017

Larix Kaempferi (japanese larch). 29th oct 2017.
In the front, a small slate with a local ironstone on top.

Bought somewhere between 2000-2002 as young raw material prepared for group planting. Aging for more than 15 years, and the current shape is a restyling from the first styling (not literati) since many years.